Turner's House News

Never heard of JMW Turner? If not, then you must have been living under a rock. He is one of the biggest painters in British history. His paintings are just stunning and beautiful and he was an interesting person too.

But what connects him with Twickenham is his house - the Sandycombe Lodge which he used as a country retreat. The house was designed by JMW Turner, since his first love was architecture. He lived there with his father, a retired barber and wigmaker, who acted as a housekeeper and gardener. After 13 years living in it, Turner sold it but since then no one actually took care of it, although it was in the hands of private owners for almost 2 centuries, so it soon got in terrible condition. A few years ago it was given a 1.4 million pound grant from the Heritage Lottery which means it can finally be restored and put in the same condition as it was in the time Turner lived there with his father.

This year JMW Turner's house will be opened 46 weeks for public, showing the living and working space of this artistic mastermind. You can not only visit Sandycombe Lodge and take a look at it, but also enjoy the nature and take part of the painting workshops that take place in the garden of this beautiful house.

True art lovers and enthusiasts will realize the beauty of this place and want to come back once they see it. In case you cannot visit it, but want to contribute, visit the website of the house and make a donation that will help them keep it in its full glory as it is today. In case you can go, than make the date of your visit the 23 April, because that day is Turner's birthday, and you will be able to experience more than on other days. Other than that we won't say.